Our staff will always be happy to discuss your child’s progress with you. Children's learning journals can also be accessed at all times for parents to view.

In Cleddens Early Years Centre we aim to:

Develop positive communication routes with families and in partnership will provide the best possible experiences for children. Some examples of this include:

  • Through the use of learning journals to share childrens individual learning experiences with parents as well as playroom/ zone updates
  • Following social distancing measures during drop off and pick up times to ensure daily conversations between staff and parents can continue to take place
  • Phone consultations/ video calls are currently in place of face to face parents meetings due to restrictions. These can also be arranged out with  scheduled dates. Please speak to your childs key worker to arrange. 
  • Email communication

Engage parents in the life of the centre and value their feedback

  • We have sent out several questionnaires in session 2020/21 to our families. These include a General centre feedback questionnaire, a welcome back questionnaire following the reopening of the centre in February and most recently a planning for children's learning questionnaire. 
  • We value feedback from parents and as a result from these responses have identified areas for improvement within the centre and highlighted areas recognised as our strengths. These are shared with families and staff. 

Promote transitions that are effective for individual children; home to nursery and between stages

  • Staff work closely with parents when planning transition between rooms within the centre. 
  • Prior to starting within the centre, enrolment information is sent to parents. This allows staff to plan for children settling, taking into account their needs and interests to ensure effective transition from home to nursery
  • We work in partnership with local primary schools to support those children transitioning from nursery to school
  • We have established relationships with local health visitors, link speech and language therapist as well as Educational psychologist. At times, other agencies such as Physiotherapist may be involved within the centre. Alongside parents, we work closely with these professionals to ensure effective transitions for individual children.

We have tried to adapt usual opportunities as much as possible whilst adhering to relevant health and safety measures. Any upcoming events will be shared in our monthly newsletters.

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