Children linking arms

We will ensure that we offer a child centred approach within a nurturing and caring environment. Childrens views will be acknowledged and our children will be actively involved and supported in making everyday decisions about their learning and play. We will create and develop a flexible environment that is responsive to the needs of all children.


  • Provide a stimulating learning environment for children who are happy and safe
  • Ensure children receive high quality learning opportunities which build on children's interests, personalities, talents and abilities. 
  • Childrens wellbeing is at the heart of the centre and we will promote the features of Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC- National guidance document) and take account of SHANARRI indicators, SAFE, HEALTHY, ACHIEVING, NURTURED, ACTIVE, RESPECT, RESPONSIBLE and INCLUDED to ensure we address childrens needs.
  • We will develop positive communication routes with families and in partnership will provide the best possible experiences for children, we aim to engage parents in the life of the centre and value their feedback.
  • We will promote transitions that are effective for individual children; home to nursery and between stages
  • We will encourage our staff team to take an active role in their Continuous professional development and will work with them to enhance their practice