Children have the best fun when they are doing messy work. We will always try to make sure they wear aprons but accidents happen, so please dress your child in suitable clothes. 

Please, also make sure that your child has suitable outdoor clothing for outdoor play or for when a trip is planned.

Please ensure that all clothes are labelled as a number of children have the same or similar items of clothing. Your child should have soft shoes which he/she will wear while in the Centre. Please ensure that these are labelled.

As part of East Dunbartonshire Council’s policy on dress code, there are forms of dress which are deemed unacceptable in our nursery, such as items of clothing which:

  • potentially, encourage factions (such as football colours);
  • could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans)
  • could cause health and safety difficulties, such as loose fitting clothing, dangling earrings
  • please note, there is a requirement that all jewellery is removed prior to undertaking physical education activities;
  • are made from flammable material for example shell suits; 
  • footwear could cause damage to flooring; 
  • carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco; and
  • could be used to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so.